Celebrity Endorsement Letters:

Ruth Chiedza Mavangira is always very professional in her demeanor but simultaneously has always projected deep kindness, warmth of personality & a genuine interest in others that I have always found very lovely & refreshing. She created & managed the very successful Kaje Club on Rodeo Drive as well as many other very challenging & miscellaneous tasks which were assigned to her within the world of Fashion & Advertising. She has an innovative way of looking at situations, people, things & problems and an untiring attitude in creating working solutions.

Ruth (Chiedza) is by far one of the more brilliantly creative & resourceful people that I have ever met & SPOILT GIRLS CLUB is a long overdue accomplishment for her. The world of fashion is one of fierce competition and constant change compounded with fundamental unchanging truths and it is a world in which only those empowered with a true gift of originality, a willingness to work very hard and an unfailing vision can navigate to great success. I have found all these qualities to be true in Ruth (Chiedza) Mavangira and it is my sincere pleasure to offer a sparkling endorsement to SPOILT GIRLS CLUB a luxury lifestyle & Image Consulting Boutique! Life is too short, spoil yourself!

Karl Seelig.
CEO of KAJE (Fashion Boutique) Rodeo Drive, Perceptive
Impression (Advertising) & RingPLUS Telecommunications.