We are a Celebrity-Endorsed Image Consulting Boutique and Luxury Lifestyle Social Club!

Our Pledge is to Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary! 

Image Consulting: Our Beauty Boutique.
What is an Image Consultant? An Image Consultant is a professional stylist who helps you to identify and enhance your Personal Style.

At Spoilt Girls Club, we specialize in luxury, and our luxury services are one of a kind. You receive our undivided attention as our celebrity stylists help you to develop a powerful and effective Signature Style. Besides one-on-one Fashion and Beauty consultations with all our clients, we also work exclusively with Fashion models on creating High Fashion, Couture, and Exotic looks specifically for Photo Shoots.

  • Makeover Services • Hair, Makeup, Clothing, & Designer Accessories
  • Signature Style Consultations • We Help Design Your Own Unique Style
  • From Boardroom to Ballroom Makeovers • Executive to After-work Attire Makeover
  • Business Image Consulting • We work with your Executive Team to develop their sharp, professional look
  • Black Tie Makeover for Men!
  • Pampered Consulting: Honeymoon, Wedding, Birthdays, & Other
  • HIP Mom Makeover • Perfect Makeover for the Busy Mother

Our Spoilt Girls Club Personal Shopper will work within your budget to bring you into the exclusive world of fashion.

We will Take your favorite Garments from the previous seasons and REVAMP them!

Cinderella's Slippers OLD SHOES MAKEOVER ...we take your old shoes and MAKE THEM OVER!

Spoilt Girls Club CLOSET EDIT... So Many clothes & nothing to wear... we reorganize your closet and turn it into a working closet!

XYZ Makeover... 
The ideal makeover For Teenage girls ready to become sophisticated Fashionistas. We take your Personal Style (Punk Rock, Goth, or other) to the next level but remain true to your Individual Style.

As a celebrity-endorsed business, we work with only the best in the industry.

Spoilt Girls Club has Celebrity Endorsement Letters, which validate us and set us apart from all our competition!

All our PINK DIAMOND card holders (which is our VIP membership) enjoy special discounts at all our recommended stores on Rodeo, Melrose, & Montana. Our members also get special rates on all of our Image Consulting Services.

We encourage all our members to create a free profile on our Website. This profile helps our team to identify you as a SHOPAHOLIC FASHIONISTA FINE DINER or INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER, & all our PINK DIAMOND VIP members will have their authentic Spoilt Girl Club STAMP on their profiles.

One of the special features we offer to all our members with our social network is that you can add other links that you have to already existing profiles on MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, MODEL MAYHEM, MUSESTER, & others.

Our members enjoy our special Features such as “YOU HAVE A NEW SHOPPING SPREE!” on our social network. Our PINK DIAMOND VIP members will be offered Gifts & Shopping Sprees from our Spoilt Girls Club High Roller Gentlemen's Club.

Our Promotional models enjoy the privileges & perks of representing the Spoilt Girls Club, like:

  • FREE limo rides to the hottest clubs and parties in LA.
  • V.I.P entry into DOLCE, HYDE & LE DEUX and other exciting night spots!
  • V.I.P entry into the best industry PRIVATE parties & more!
  • V.I.P Club Access to exclusive Events & Fashion Shows.

Certified Spoilt Girls Club members will have access to our BLA BLOG! Our BLA BLOG will have tips from the best MAU, STYLISTS, DESIGNERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS & other people in the Beauty Industry! Our members can also share tips, advice, comments, success stories, or just let off DIVA steam with our BLA BLOG!

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